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The Thompson Okanagan

Are you searching for a beautiful Canadian region that is known for its history, orchards, vineyards, and numerous outdoor activities? Check out the Thompson Okanagan. You are certain to enjoy the beautiful mountains, valleys, and lakes that surround this region. In addition, due to the sunny, warm climate, you can enjoy numerous outdoor activities, which include skiing, kayaking and canoeing, fishing, hiking, and golf.

The size of this region is 20,829 square kilometers, and the total population is 461,858. The history of the Thompson Okanagan largely comes from its land. The original Okanagan natives hunted and fished during the summer and hibernated into pit houses during the winter. When the Europeans arrived in 1811, they traded furs and built ranches. Although an abundant amount of fruit is produced nowadays, the fruit industry did not take off until the 1920’s, after a failure with an orchard in 1892. The first vineyard was planted in 1859 at the Oblate Mission. In 1976, Helmut Becker, a German grape grower, came to the region and convinced Okanagan growers to plant German grapes, such as Pinot Gris, Pinot Blanc, and Gewürztraminer, that could withstand the colder winters of the region. This led to the explosion of the wine industry. Thankfully, there are numerous museums and artwork you can enjoy, which help showcase the bright, colorful history of the region.

If you are someone who enjoys a warm climate, beautiful scenery, and participating in outdoor activities, then Thompson Okanagan is for you. Maybe you are someone who enjoys fine wines and the fine arts from time to time? The Thompson Okanagan has plenty of that as well. Check out the region for yourself and see what it has to offer you. You will certainly not be disappointed.


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