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Experience the adventure in all four seasons.

The weather in British Columbia varies greatly by region, elevation and season. The Southern portion of the province and coastal areas are warmer and experience more rain fall than snow at low elevations. The Sunny Okanagan and Kootenays have long warm summers and milder shorter winters. The Cariboo central & northern regions of the province experience the contrast of all four seasons, with cooler wetter springs, short hot summers, a crisp & foggy fall that turns into 4-5 months of snow and below freezing temperatures. 

The Blue Dot on the animated wind map shows the location of the city of Prince George in the southern Peace River Region.

The Fraser Valley Region  is north east of Greater Vancouver, offering a mild climate with wet mild winters and a long sunny summer and growing season. Wet snow and colder temperatures are expected for a few days during the deep winter months of December, January and February.  Explore more of the Fraser Valley Region.  Visit the Fraser Valley Regional District website


The Thompson / Okanagan Region experiences all four seasons. Spring comes earlier, but can be cool at night in certain areas, long hot summers with brilliant sunshine that transforms into crisp evenings and brilliant fall colours. The Thompson region see allot of snow in the mountains and moderate amounts with a few cold snaps that can see your temp below -10 during the coldest of winter months. Lower altitude areas and communities surrounding large freshwater lakes see a milder winter, with more humidity. Explore more of the Thompson Okanagan.  Visit the Thompson Nicola Regional District   Visit the Okanagan Regional District website


The Cariboo Region spans from Clinton to Prince George and experiences swings in seasonal temperatures from -30 in winter to +30 in the summer months. With a shorter growing season the Cariboo offers a crisp colourful fall, lots of snow and cooler spring temperatures at night. There are plateaus, mountain ranges, large rivers and fresh water lakes that shelter warmer riparian climates and shorter winters. Explore more of the Cariboo Region.  Visit the Cariboo Regional District website

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The Cariboo Chilcotin Region is located between the majestic Coast Mountains and the Central Interior of British Columbia. Here your average winter temperature hovers around -12, but you can expect frigid temps below -30's for several days to a week during the coldest months. The average summer temperature is about 23 degrees, and the hottest month of the year is August.   Explore more of the Chilcotin Region.


The Peace River Region encompasses the north eastern part province to the Yukon Border. 
Explore more of the Peace River Region. Visit the Peace River Regional District website

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