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The Chilcotin of British Columbia

A long time ago eager prospectors arrived in droves to seek their fortunes in panning for gold in the communities around Chilcotin, British Columbia. While no one knows how many were successful they were, the legacy they left is today being enjoyed in one of the most spectacular regions in Canada.

Chilcotin is located between the majestic Coast Mountains and the Central Interior of British Columbia. This spectacular diverse area is a kaleidoscope or rolling meadows, icy cold fjord like lakes, grassy plateaus, mustang horses and even cowboys! It is a vast area that is home to many cities all with very different personalities. So if you are planning to relocate of Chilcotin your choices will run the gamut.

Cities like Anahim Lake, Nimpo Lake, Bella Coola, Chilanko and Ocean Falls have properties like Victorian cottages, lakeside homes, log cabins and log homes. There are also mansions, single family homes and properties nestled in the forests. There are also many private and working ranches that offers horse back riding and tours. One of the charms of Collection is the endless variety of activities it offers.

In the summer one can go foraging in the forest for wild berries, go biking in the mountains, kayaking and cannoning on the lakes and rivers and walking the many eco trails. You can also from a safe distance watch grizzly bears feast on returning salmons, and marvel at the sight of majestic humpback whales. And you can lower your handicap at the three area gold courses. In addition you can get pampered at the local spas and later sip some vino at the many wineries. When winter comes the area comes alive with back country skiing, snowboarding, sledding and snowshoeing.

The many lakes freeze solid so you can be like Gordie Howe and play hockey and practice your delicate twirls in ice skating. And at the end of the day you can savor a great meal at one of the many great restaurants and stimulate your mind at the many museums and galleries. Maybe the Chilcotin region should change its name to Paradise.

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