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Wildfire Fire Risk Mitigation and Wildfire Status

With increased wildfire activity in the past several years it is important for all property owners to be aware of debris hazards and apply Fire Smart practises on their land . Wildfires are a scary emergency event in any area where homes, farms or ranches are threatened. Natural or human caused fires are a reality of living amongst massive mature boreal forests. Fires are crucial to large scale forest renewal, they clean up debris fuel, release valuable nutrients, open the forest canopy to sunlight, and open certain pine cones that require heat of fire to germinate.

The Provincial Government through the BC Wildfire Service operates a sophisticated network of trained firefighters, airplanes, helicopters and equipment which is quickly deployed into new wildfire starts that could threaten structures and private land.

You can view the BC Wildfire Dashboard Interactive Map to check on the status of current fires burning in the province.

BC Wildfire Danger Ratings System, is posted across the province on signage and online from May through October each year.

This fire danger rating signs show the risk of a wildfire starting in that particular area at that time. Informing the public of the risk so they can be prepared.

BC residents are urged to create a FireSmart property Dramatically increase the resistance of your home and property to damage caused by wildfire. Read more at


Start from the home, and progress outward to remove any fuel or debris and mitigate fire risk from travelling embers. Changes made to the area closest to your home, and your home itself, have the greatest potential to reduce the risk of wildfire damage.

Read the Fire Smart BC Homeowner's Manual here.

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