Industrial Ocean-Frontage with Foreshore Lease on the Midcoast 109 Hwy 20

Bella Coola, British Columbia V0T 1C0
  • MLS Number: C8029019
  • Acres: 31
  • Waterfront: Yes

Interior Features

There is quite nothing like the smell of the ocean at your future doorstep. And it does not matter if it is your working doorstep or you are home. This listing comprises a timbered upland 31 acres right at the ocean and a 9.05 acres ocean foreshore lease.

The property includes a 3200 sqft. insulated Olympia Steel Building.

Water is piped from Clayton Creek to the property. This property is a strategic oceanfront location, one of the very few properties featuring access to Highway 20. It has excellent potential for marine-oriented development in transportation, warehousing, boat repairs, tourism, or marina.


In the heart of the growing BC Midcoastal region, the property is strategically located at the mouth of the Bella Coola River, a year-round accessible freshwater port. To the west of the foreshore, the property is a government deep-sea wharf and public marina operational for over 50 years. In 1996, BC Ferries established a roll-on roll-off terminal at the wharf site for their Coast Service connecting Bella Coola with the outer Mid Coast communities and Vancouver Island. This new access to the Mid Coast opens an unspoiled wilderness frontier to boaters, sports fishers, tourists and outdoor enthusiasts.

 This property is ideally situated to develop an expanded marina facility and destination resort. At present, the existing public marina offers only limited moorage and no waterfront services. However, there is a definite demand for additional moorage, dry land storage, and associated vessel services. There may also be opportunities associated with the commercial fishing industry.



Exterior Features

  • IMPROVEMENTS: 3200 sqft Olympia Steel building, Enclosed Woodworking Shop


Open Work shed, Small Ways and Boat Storage Facility, Fresh Water System  one drilled well and one artesian well, Electrical Facilities

Wharfs, docks and miscellaneous equipment


  • ZONING: Zoned “Heavy Industrial District”, Central Coast Regional District  


  • Water license, No F005457 dated December 4, 1926 with the Province of BC, which authorized the company to divert water from Clayton Creek for commercial purposes


  • AREA DATA AND HISTORY: Bella Coola is a community of approximately 600 at the western extremity of the Bella Coola Valley.

 Bella Coola usually refers to the entire valley, encompassing the settlements of Bella Coola proper ("the townsite"), Lower Bella Coola, Hagensborg, Saloompt, Nusatsum, Firvale and Stuie. It is also the location of the head offices of the Central Coast Regional District.


  • GEOGRAPHY: The primary geographical structure of the community, both in terms of physical structures and population distribution is the long, narrow Bella Coola River valley.

Highway 20 (known over most of its length as the Chilcotin Highway) stretches from the Government wharf (on the Pacific Ocean) through the extent of the populated portion of the valley before climbing to the Chilcotin Plateau, and the entire population of the community lives either on this road or very near to it.

In recent years, the mountainous terrain around (and accessible from) the Bella Coola Valley has become a publicized destination for Heli-skiing, with a number of skiing movies filmed in the area, and local companies advertising access to "1.5 million acres" (6,100 km²) of terrain.

  • ROAD: There is a 479 km mostly paved road connection by Highway 20 to Williams Lake. The road features an 18% grade and narrow, winding switchbacks on the climb out of Bella Coola through the coastal mountains.                        
  • Once out of Bella Coola, it runs through the mountainous Tweedsmuir South Provincial Park which contains a great deal of wildlife, including grizzlies and black bears and then through the mostly desolate country of the Chilcotin Plateau.
  • AIR:  Bella Coola is also served by the Bella Coola Airport (on Highway 20, in Hagensborg), 16 km distant (10 miles) from the town site which has a 1,280 m-long (4,200 ft) asphalt runway.
  • Pacific Coastal Airlines offers scheduled traffic to Vancouver and Anahim Lake. Charter flights to other destinations can be arranged

  • Bella Coola has a more diversified economy than might be expected among a population of its size. Fishing, forestry, public service (government/education), retail and tourism all contribute significantly to the economy.
  • There is some limited agriculture, including an active farmers' market, a number of craft makers and artists (including several celebrated Nuxalk artisans) and a fish hatchery.

  • PROPERTY HISTORY: In 1890, John Clayton purchased the property and operated the Clayton Fish Cannery during the 1890’s. The property was then sold to the British Columbia Packers Association in 1903 and was renamed the Bella Coola Cannery. In  1929 the original cannery was destroyed by a fire and a second cannery was built in 1930.

  •  Four years later BC Packers Limited purchased the property and operated the facility until 1936. In 2018 most of the very old buildings on the foreshore lease did burn down. This fire has opened the window for whole new opportunities in this location.



  • COORDINATES: 52°22'19.20"N, 126°47'10.07"W

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