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3A® Network Group is a group of innovative and pioneering Realtors® who are famous for developing the sophisticated realty market for unique properties in Harrison Hot Springs, Kent, the Cariboo Region and other parts of British Columbia.

Started by Dutch entrepreneur Bernard Küster in 1949, the family company was extensively involved in the rebuilding of Europe after the devastation of World War II. This experience plus our extensive contacts with the European community has given us a unique position in the Canadian real estate industry.

In the last three decades, our small but highly effective team sold over 2000 properties on two continents – Europe and North America.

Our business model for Harrison Hot Springs & British Columbia is focused on our two main target markets:

Whether you are looking for a hunting ranch, cattle ranch, investment property or recreational property, you can trust us to provide you with a highly personalized service that will leave no room for complaints. We do not just help buy and sell properties, we believe in establishing a lasting relationship with our clients.

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