Ensuring Your Safety During Covid19

3A Group RE/MAX Nyda Public Statements

July 19 , 2022

3A Group RE/MAX Nyda Realty

Public Statement

As our valued client, you and your families well being and safety is of utmost importance to us, and then in order, the completion of your current real estate goal. As your respected advisors, Linda and myself have continued to conduct our official duties on your behalf in a secure and most efficient manner.

The real estate industry is already a very tech-savvy environment that executes secure electronic communications and contract closings daily in British Columbia. We are here to work with your needs, right now, in regards to showings with distance preparedness and what you are comfortable with given the different situations that exists for individual home/property owners.

We are available to meet with both buyers and sellers via Skype, Facebook, FaceTime, WhatsApp, email, txt, cell and in person if absolutely necessary, at any time that you may need us.

Our goal is to remain healthy and to keep our clients and their families safe & healthy during our efforts to market your property through our many networks and social media channels using online advertising. We endeavour to complete the sale of your home or property and help you to attain the next steps in your estate plan.

Humanity with intelligence and ingenuity will prevail, and we will continue to update you on our progress.

Respectfully, Freddy & Linda Marks
3A® Group RE/MAX Nyda Realty

Linda Marks Cell: (604) 997-5399 (including Face Time)

Freddy Marks: Cell: (604) 997-5398 (including Face Time)

Skype: freddymarks


WhatsApp: FreddyMarks

Email: 3AGroup@thebestdealsinbc,com

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