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We offer proven estate sales strategies and have over
4200 registered buyers for farms, ranches, motels,
lodges, resorts, waterfronts, land
investment and other unique
property holdings in
British Columbia.

3A Group Sutton Showplace Realty
7092 Pioneer Avenue, Agassiz, BC

Not afraid to get your boots dirty?

The 3A Group is seeking realtors from all corners of B.C. to join our winning team of listing specialists. We specialize in farms, ranches, motels, lodges, resorts, waterfront,land investment & other unique property sales listings.

Contact us today to discuss our attractive recruiting options.

3A Group Sutton Showplace Realty
7092 Pioneer Avenue, Agassiz, BC

Explore the Fraser Valley’s River & Mountain Views. Home to Hope, Kilby, Rosedale, Harrison Hot Springs, Harrison Mills, Aggasiz & Chilliwack.

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3A Group Sutton Showplace Realty
7092 Pioneer Avenue, Agassiz, BC

What we do?......... Unique Marketing for Unique Properties…

When it comes to the marketing of your property, every property is unique. In today’s challenging real estate market, it takes more than a sign, the MLS and a prayer.

To assure that your investment is marketed to its fullest potential and to obtain the highest possible market value, we have a detailed, sophisticated and effective marketing strategy.

Over 75% of our sales are NOT MLS related!

Our marketing strategy is not only focused on British Columbia: It includes countries like Germany, Holland, Hong Kong, China, Austria, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, Scotland, the United States and of course Canada; with the focus on Alberta, Ontario and the Lower Mainland.

Over 43% of our buyers are foreign Buyers.

Our Group is part of Sutton West Coast Realty. Sutton West Coast Realty is not only the biggest brokerage in Canada it is also the best brokerage in Canada.

Member of the 3A Makler Netzwerk is operated independently, inside of Sutton West Coast Realty  and our group makes personal marketing investments to sell your property.

The Member of the 3A Makler Netzwerk is committed to provide excellent, sophisticated personalized service and honest upfront representation for all purchasers and sellers.

We have established an aggressive national, regional and local advertising program to support our marketing initiatives. Extensive use of the Internet, public relations initiatives and unparalleled collateral materials assist in bringing buyers and sellers together.

Our comprehensive database of contacts, coupled with our network of satisfied customers, contributes significantly to our success. In addition, our partners are proactive in traveling throughout British Columbia, to market our region and our client's properties directly to investors.

Our Group, Freddy Marks and daughter Linda has developed a proven track record which goes back more than 33 years.

What you can expect from the Member of the 3A Makler Netzwerk with Sutton West Coast Realty in Harrison Hot Springs during the selling process:

  •   Explain the agency/client relationship.
  •   A site visit to learn about your property / investment.
  •   Prepare a comparative market analysis that will assist you in pricing your property.
  •   “As soon as a property comes on the market, there is a flurry of activity surrounding it. This is the crucial  time when other agents and potential buyers sit up and take notice. A new listing should be correctly priced upon the first day. A new listing correctly priced is exciting and will be  viewed more often. In general it sells for a higher price than an older listing”.
  • Prepare detailed colour brochures.
  • “We provide detailed full colour information packages to potential buyers and real estate agents. Our information package includes maps, plans, photographs, aerial photographs and descriptive text. This information package is prepared as quickly as possible with input and approval from the owner.
  • Immediately upon approval it is put on the Internet in its entirety and copies are mailed to a list of qualified buyers. This format also provides the flexibility to amend any part of the brochure at any time”.
  • Include information and pictures of the property on our more than 65 exclusive and joint internet sites.
  • Over 50% of these websites are mainly used overseas.
  • Share proven tips and techniques that will help your property sell quickly.
  • Qualify buyers before showing your property.
  • Using virtual Tours and other digital tools  to market your property.
  • Using our European Member of the 3A Makler Netzwerk, with offices in Germany, Malta, Austria and Switzerland to marketing  your property.
  • Arrange appointments for showing your property.
  • Providing detailed property and area information, maps and directions to the prospective purchaser.
  • Use our position as Canada's Best Brokerage to marketing your property with our over 1500 Real Estate Agents in The Lower Mainland and our Franchise office in BC and the rest of the country.
  • Providing regular feedback about the activity on your property and market conditions.
  • Promptly present and advise you on any offers to purchase.
  • Help you through inspections, appraisals, financing and all matters related to the sale.
  • Explain the closing process so you have an estimate of the cash you have at closing.
  • Being avaible for you at all time during the selling process.
  • Follow up and keep in touch after the sale.

FEEL FREE TO ORDER Your personalised sophisticated MARKETING PROPOSAL FOR YOUR PROPERTY. Contact us via email, Phone or just use the quick question button!