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We offer proven estate sales strategies and have over
4200 registered buyers for farms, ranches, motels,
lodges, resorts, waterfronts, land
investment and other unique
property holdings in
British Columbia.

3A Group Sutton Showplace Realty
7092 Pioneer Avenue, Agassiz, BC

Not afraid to get your boots dirty?

The 3A Group is seeking realtors from all corners of B.C. to join our winning team of listing specialists. We specialize in farms, ranches, motels, lodges, resorts, waterfront,land investment & other unique property sales listings.

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3A Group Sutton Showplace Realty
7092 Pioneer Avenue, Agassiz, BC

Explore the Fraser Valley’s River & Mountain Views. Home to Hope, Kilby, Rosedale, Harrison Hot Springs, Harrison Mills, Aggasiz & Chilliwack.

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3A Group Sutton Showplace Realty
7092 Pioneer Avenue, Agassiz, BC

Real Estate TipsReal Estate Action 2.0

In the book “Real Estate Action 2.0,” real estate expert Freddy Marks joins bestselling author Ozzie Jurock and 47 other real estate professionals to offer real estate tips and inspire investors to “Just do it!” The book draws on their combined years of experience in order to bring an insiders’ view on essential real estate subjects such as making the right purchase for first time buyers and outlining the keys to being a successful investor.  The book is written in a concise and logical-friendly format. In the “Laying the Foundation” section, readers will learn about different kinds of agreements, commercial mortgages, pre-sales, buying with other people’s money, dealing with colorful contractors and more.

Readers will also learn the art of making the first deal, developing goals and embracing mistakes. Those looking for specific real estate tips that will help them maximize their returns will want to read the section called “The Larger Deal – Joint Venture.” Here they will learn how to create powerful partnerships, take action by getting over the fear of failure, and always be ready to ask for money.

“Life is a learning process, and so is real estate.”

And finally, the section called “Thinking Outside the Box/Creating a deal” focuses on investment strategies that are often not discussed by investors, such as taking money out of your RRSP to buy properties, trading instead of paying for real estate, and investing in furnished rentals.

Real estate professional Freddy Marks adds to the thinking outside the box discussion by highlighting how to profit with rural and recreational properties. Mack offers real estate tips that will help readers unlock the value of rural recreational properties by determining value and a possibly higher use and outlines how to find the best deals on these properties (two rules: cash talks and know your budget!). He finishes by offering readers some very helpful DOs and DON’Ts that will ensure they make the best investments possible.

What’s unique about this book is that beyond real estate tips, it also offers some psychological advice. The section called “Getting Your Mind Ready” helps readers define themselves, acquire wisdom, and uncover fears and beliefs that could hold them back from making a fortune.

This is a must-have book for aspiring real estate moguls or anyone hoping to simply invest better. As one reviewer said of the book, “A very well curated selection of wisdom from people who have failed their way to success, and shared their helpful insights.”

Real Estate Action 2.0 It’s FREE in digital form, so download a copy today!